I teach a slow and gentle form of vinyasa flow drop-in classes for all levels, mainly in the Clerkenwell and Stoke Newington areas of London. Each class aims to link movement and breath in joyous and imaginative sequences that contrast the energy of dynamic movement with the stillness of a moving meditation. My classes are inclusive and nurturing to students of all levels, guiding them towards greater bodily awareness through the physical asana practice, as well as highlighting yoga philosophy and pranayama techniques.

Through a challenging physical practice we help our often over-active mind stay focused on the breath and movement of the body, alleviating tension, stress, repetitive thoughts and negative emotions. Asana practice supports a strong immune system by creating a balance between strength and flexibility in the body. Prepared in this way, our meditation practice can work to deepen our awareness and calm the mind so that over time we can see a little more clearly what drives our feelings, emotions, actions and reactions.


Below you can view my full public teaching schedule. I am also available for tailor-made private classes as well as workplace yoga - to find out more please visit the website here.


6.45-8.15pm: Slow Flow (level 1) // The Yoga Living Room in Stoke Newington*


12-12.45pm: Out of Office Yoga (open level) // Clerkenwellbeing in Clerkenwell

6.35-7.25pm: Desk Correction Yoga (open level) // CitySport in Clerkenwell


1-1.45pm: Desk Correction Yoga (open level) // CitySport in Clerkenwell

6.45-8.15pm: Slow Flow (level 2) // The Yoga Living Room in Stoke Newington*

*to book your slot in this class please email me directly via oceana.mariani@gmail.com