Mudra Monday: Vayu Mudra


Translated from Sanskrit to English Vayu means Air

As the literal translation suggests, this Mudra is best practiced when we are trying to balance or control the flow of air through our body. When combined with a regular meditation and pranayama practice, this Mudra can help people with anxiety disorders to calm their nervous system by allowing them connect to their breath on a deeper level. Focusing our attention and intentions on the breath through the use of Mudras can also help us find our voice when we are struggling to speak our truth. Reducing the air element in the body by practicing Vayu Mudra regularly has a positive effect on those who have a Vata dominant Dosha.

To perform this Mudra, press the index finger to the base of the thumb. Gently press the thumb on the index finger. The remaining three fingers should remain straight and together.

Elements: Air.

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Illustration © estudio mosa 2018