Mudra Monday: Matangi Mudra


 The word Matangi translates to ‘Goddess of Transformation’

Matangi Mudra helps to cultivate inner heat, which reduces lethargy and refuels our energy reserves. The mudra instills a sense of confidence and personal power in its practitioner, giving their path a sense of clarity. The extended middle finger represents clear direction along our life’s journey as well as the determination to overcome the obstacles that we may come across along the way.

As this mudra helps to both open and balance Manipura Chakra, our radiant jewel at the navel centre, it is thought to encourage the ability to fully digest and assimilate our life experience – leaving the path clear for us to move forward with ease and confidence. Due to it close relation to the fire element, it is also thought to enhance digestion and nourish the circulatory and lymphatic system in the lower body.

When practicing this mudra during meditation focus on drawing the breath down into the solar plexus and feel the gentle purifying heat that builds here whilst holding the mudra. Allow the energy to infuse your entire being – burning away any accumulated emotions, memories or anger, which allows you to continue your life’s journey with abundant energy. Be aware of the space within which your will power and drive reside in and feel inspired by your own strength, the potential you hold.

Elements: Fire. 

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Illustration © estudio mosa 2018