Mudra Monday: Tattva Mudra


This week our focus is on the Seal of Truth

Tattva Mudra reminds us that the true nature of the Self, or our fundamental essence, is transcendent, unchanging, pure, and whole. In the Hindu tradition it is most commonly used in the context of rites and rituals to signify truth or to bring awareness to a given implement or sacred object. It is said to nurture self-respect and virtuous conduct, whilst also increasing mindfulness.

It is often used as a single-handed gesture, known as asamyukta hasta, which is also my preferred way of incorporating this Mudra into my practice. To perform this Mudra bring your thumb to the base of the ring finger, keeping the rest of your fingers touching and comfortably straight. My personal preference is to then lightly touch the tips of my extended fingers to my heart centre as I first step on to my mat to set an intention for my practice.

Elements: Space and Water.

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Illustration © estudio mosa 2017