Mudra Monday: Surya Mudra


Surya Mudra is the Mudra of the Sun and is therefore thought to increase the Fire Element within the body

This Mudra’s core function is to decrease inertia and increase vitality. Having just entered a new year (probably full of resolutions of change and improvements), this is probably something we could all use more of right now!

In traditional yoga the fire element in our bodies is often related to both the heart and the digestive system. As a result, Surya Mudra is sometimes also referred to as the “weightloss mudra” - one can always hope I suppose...

As this Mudra stokes our inner fire, it should be practised in moderation by those who already ‘run hot’. As per Ayurvedic principles that would include those with a Pitta disposition. It’s full benefits are best experienced by those with a Kapha or Vata dosha.

Surya Mudra is performed by touching the tip of the ring finger to the base of the thumb and exerting pressure on the finger with the thumb. 

Elements: Fire and Earth.

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Illustration © estudio mosa 2018