Mudra Monday: Gupta Mudra


As limiting beliefs are released, we rest in the sanctuary of our true inner being

Translating Gupta into English from its Sanskrit origin, reveals it to signify 'Secret,' which can be interpreted in various ways. If we were inclined that way, we could even interpret it as our own personal secret technique that allows us to tap into the depths of our Self so that we may eventually get out of our own way and reveal our fullest potential. Gupta Mudra is the gesture for protection from limiting thoughts and provides us with a way of exploring and releasing these negative beliefs that keep us from experiencing the safety of our true inner being. It also helps to reduce stress, thereby supporting the functioning of the immune system and gives us a sense of centring and safety during meditation practice. Additionally, it relaxes the shoulders, neck, face and head, which may help to alleviate neck pain and TMJ dysfunction in some practitioners.

To perform Gupta Mudra begin in a comfortable seated position such as Sukhasana or a supported Virasana. Interlace the fingers loosely inwards with the left thumb on top if you're female and the right thumb on top if you're male. Gently join the bases of the palms and rest the wrists against the abdomen. Rest the shoulders down and back, with the elbows held slightly away from the body and the spine naturally aligned.

This guided meditation has been extracted from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian Le Page:

  • “As you hold Gupta Mudra, take several natural breaths to attune to all the feelings and sensations evoked by this gesture.
  • Notice how your breath is gently directed into your abdomen, cultivating a sense of warmth and ease, a feeling that you are entering your own inner sanctuary of safety.
  • Take several breaths to rest within your sanctuary, deepening your connection with your inner being, inherently whole and complete, naturally enhancing your sense of protection and safety.
  • To rest even more deeply within your inner sanctuary, it is important to release any limiting beliefs that cause disharmony in the world around you and within your own being.
  • Begin by exploring your beliefs related to success and achievement. Striving for fulfilment is normal and healthy, but when it becomes an end in itself rather than a means, you sacrifice your inner peace, making it difficult to rest within your inner sanctuary.
  • Take several breaths to sense the wholeness of your authentic being, recognising that nothing in the world outside can add to or subtract from that which is inherently complete.
  • Next, explore your limiting beliefs about how the world or other people should be. Having expectations is normal and healthy, but when they become rigid and demanding, you create conflict and disharmony that keeps you from experiencing the peace of your inner sanctuary.
  • Take some time to recognise clearly that change always begins within your own being. As you focus on your own awakening, you naturally allow others to find their own time and space for transformation.
  • Finally, explore your sense of individuality, which is an essential facet of your being. However, when your sense of “I” and “me” becomes all-encompassing, you create separation from others, fostering isolation and disharmony that make it difficult to rest within your inner sanctuary.
  • Take several breaths to sense your essential oneness with all beings, allowing you to live and work in cooperation and harmony, naturally supporting your sense of protection and safety.
  • With the gradual release of your limiting beliefs, take several breaths to sense yourself fully aligned with your authentic being, completely secure within your sanctuary of inner safety.
  • Abiding in complete inner peace, repeat the following three times, aloud or silently:
  • Resting within my inner sanctuary, I experience absolute protection and safety.
  • Slowly release the gesture, taking several breaths to rest in the safety of your authentic being.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes, returning slowly and gently, sensing the absolute protection of your inner sanctuary.”

Elements: All.

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Illustration © estudio mosa 2018