These prices refer to classes hosted at my home studio, The Yoga Living Room, near Newington Green. For other venues please visit the individual venue websites.

  • Your first class is FREE! Regular prices thereafter are as follows:

  • Drop-in: £12 // £10 Concessions

  • Class Pass (5 Classes): £45 // £35 Concessions

  • Private & Corporate Classes: for full details and pricing please visit the webpage here or email me directly via

    • Concessions include students, OAP's and unwaged workers.

    • Class Passes can be purchased at the studio and paid for in either cash or via bank transfer.

    • Class Passes have no expiration date and cannot be shared between multiple students.


  • Out of Office / Desk Correction Yoga: This gentle but flowing practice aims to counter some of the postural issues related with working in an office-based environment by lengthening the entire body and releasing tension in the spine, neck and shoulder areas. Mindfulness techniques are woven into each class to give our focus a much-needed midday boost and provide us with an arsenal of tools to help us better navigate everyday stressors. By building breath awareness, our attention is drawn inwards and we become fully present in our bodies – a perfect opportunity to clear our headspace and switch off!

    Suitable for all levels.

  • Slow Flow (& Meditation): In emphasising the connection between the movement of the breath and each individual posture, Slow Flow classes establish the focus for a soulful, moving meditation. This allows students to build strength, move with precision and discover a deeper awareness of their own individual alignment. Despite the gentle pace, Slow Flow classes pose a different kind of challenge that perfectly complements a more dynamic practice. Some of these classes will end with a guided meditation, which intends to train our mind in the same way that we train our physical bodies. Over time we develop a razor-sharp mental focus that allows us to navigate our life off the mat more successfully.

    Suitable for all levels.


  • You may book classes in advance online, via email, text or directly in the studio.

  • Please check in when you arrive so I know that you have attended class.

  • You may cancel a pre-booked class up to 2 hours before the class starts. If you do not, you will be charged for attending.

  • Although the studio is small, classes can sell out so I always recommend booking in advance.

  • If a class is fully booked in advance, I may still allow you to enter the class once it has started, depending on whether there are any last minute cancellations or no-shows.

  • There is a limit to how many students can be in the studio. This can not be exceeded and I appreciate your compliance with this.


  • You may cancel a pre-booked class up to 2 hours before the class. If you do not, you will be charged for attending.

  • When booking a workshop, I will only offer a refund when cancelling more than 3 weeks before the beginning of the event. You will receive a refund minus a 10% administration fee to your bank account or cash in person.

  • If you cancel a course or workshop with less than 3 weeks notice, no refund will be available. You may pass your booking on to a friend at no additional cost. I must be notified via email if a friend will attend in your place. If the event is fully booked and I can offer your place to some one on the waiting list, I will refund the cost minus a 10% administration fee to your bank account or cash in person.

  • No refunds will be offered the day before or the same day of any course or workshop.

  • In the case of a course or workshop being cancelled by me, you will receive a full refund, or the option of being transferred to another workshop or course of equal value.


  • For all private classes I operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel via email or change your appointment within 24 hours, or if you do not attend your session, you will be charged the full fee.

  • The booking confirmation and appointment reminder emails you receive are the date and time for which you will be charged.


  • Late arrivals will only be admitted into class if they can be on the mat in a quiet and respectful manner within the first 5 minutes of the class.

  • Should you wish to leave class early please let me know before class and make sure your mat is at the back in order not to disturb other students. I understand that you may occasionally need to leave class early, but if this is a regular pattern I suggest you make sure you sign into a class you know you can fully commit to.


  • What should I bring to class?

    • Comfortable and stretchy clothing, water, a small towel and a willingness to explore. All props and mats are provided by the studio.

  • Am I too inflexible to do yoga? I can't get my feet behind my head and worry that I'll be out of place.

    • Unless you are already very flexible (e.g. a ballet dancer or gymnast) it’s very normal to not be able to touch your toes. The good news is that a regular yoga practice is extremely effective at improving mobility. In yoga there is no such thing as being a beginner or advanced - we’re all students, working at our own pace.

  • Am I too old to start yoga now?

    • Yoga is beneficial for all ages and offers an incredible, low-impact way of keeping our bodies active as we age. The only thing to remember is to take the class at your own pace – you’ll feel younger and more agile before you know it!

  • Is yoga a good way to lose weight?

    • The real secret of a yogic body is called regular practice. After some time, your body will change to accommodate your practice. Attending around 3 classes a week will allow you to experience a real change both in body and mind. It's a bit of a misconception that the physical side of yoga is what leads people to lose weight, when in reality, mindfulness and meditation play much bigger roles in permanently re-wiring our brain into a healthy state of mind, but that takes time and patience.

  • Is yoga only for women or can men join too?

    • It is a bit of a fallacy that yoga is only for women when traditional yoga, in its motherland India, was originally a practice reserved only for men. I do value yoga as a safe space for women, but am always happy to welcome men into my classes who are looking to improve their mental focus, build upper body strength and increase their mobility.

  • Do I have to become a vegan Birkenstock-wearer who never drinks or parties in order to do yoga?

    • Yogis are people too you know and we all have our vices! You can enjoy going out and still be a yogi. Don't be surprised though if, over time, you find yourself extending yoga into your everyday life and start to want to lead a healthier lifestyle, but don’t worry, there is no requirement to change.

  • Is yoga beneficial if I already lead a very active lifestyle?

    • A regular yoga practice has been proven to heighten performance in other sports. It releases built-up tension, stretches out tight spots, increases range of motion and lengthens the amount of time your muscles can remain contracted for. Many professional athletes swear by their weekly yoga practice.

  • I've gone to a yoga class before and felt inadequate. Why should I bother giving it another go?

    • It's perfectly normal to feel a bit lost during your first five or so classes - don't worry about it and do what you can. You're here to learn and everyone in that room has had a similar experience. Be present and work with the body you have today. You will always benefit from simply trying your best, not pushing too hard, embracing the new sensations in your body and breathing through it. Although other yogis in the room can be a great inspiration and guide when you are new, remember that they may have a decade of practice under their belt, so please don't be put off - yoga is not a race! If you want to take a rest, child's pose is always there for you so listen to your body and treat it well - it's the only one you've got.


By attending the yoga sessions offered by Oceana Mariani (and her associates) you agree that it is your responsibility to consult a physician prior to and regarding your participation, and recognise that yoga requires physical exertion, which may be strenuous. You declare that you are fully aware of the potential risks and hazards involved.
It is your responsibility to opt out from practices at any point, which you deem unfit or unsuitable during the class or workshop. Therefore, in consideration of being permitted to participate in the yoga sessions, you agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you might incur as a result of participating in the program.
You, your heirs and/or legal representatives knowingly and voluntarily forever release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Oceana Mariani (and her associates) for any injury or death that you may sustain as a result of participating in the program, caused by negligence or other acts.
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