Womb Yoga

Mudra Monday: Yoni Mudra


Yoni means "the womb of creation" in Sanskrit, but refers to the female reproductive system as a whole.

In the yogic tradition it is believed that our emotions and feelings reside in the sacral area of the body. Yoni Mudra encourages us to breathe down into this area which promotes feelings of serenity, fluidity and inner nourishment, which ultimately encourages emotional balance and the ability to deal with life's challenges more readily.

Performing this gesture allows us to channel the feeling of retreating back into the womb, creating a sense of comfort and security that reflects our true being. Through this feeling of safety we can shift our awareness to Swadhisthana Chakra, which is our creative centre at the pelvis and bring this creativity to life through a combination of Mudra, chanting, visualisation and meditation.

Like a foetus in the womb, practicing Yoni Mudra enables us to disconnect our mind from the external influences and experience a state of inner bliss. As such it is particularly helpful when dealing with symptoms of PMS and improves menstrual imbalances in women. It attunes us to the feminine, intuitive parts of our being, regardless of our gender and helps to balance Swadhisthana Chakra. As we develop a deeper connection to this space we are able to honour our inner rhythms more completely. By following the inner cycles, balance occurs naturally, enabling us to flow with the waters of life with ease and fluidity.

To perform Yoni Mudra, assume a comfortable seated position. Bring the tips of the thumbs together and press them to the navel. Bring the tips of the index fingers together and let them point downward. Tuck in the chin, close the eyes and focus on the navel and the Mudra. Practice this Mudra for five minutes at a time.

Element: All.

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