Vajrapradama Mudra

Mudra Monday: Vajrapradama Mudra


Originating from the Sanskrit terms vajra, meaning 'thunderbolt,' this mudra is often translated into English as the 'The Unshakeable Trust Seal.'

In yoga, a thunderbolt represents powerful and focused energy, whereas it is considered a weapon against doubt in Buddhism. As a result, Vajrapradama mudra suggests self-confidence, trust and faith in the higher Self.

It allows us to tether our mind to our heart centre through a physical gesture whenever we need to make the connection. This connection is thought to bring energy into the heart centre, which in turn builds confidence and trust by reminding the practitioner of their own inner power. This mudra is perfect for when hardships or negativity encroach on one's life and dealing with them seems overwhelming.

To perform this mudra, the fingers are crossed, or woven together, and placed in front of the chest over the heart center with the thumbs spread apart and pointing upwards towards the collar bones. This particular mudras can be done while seated, prone, standing or even walking, as long as the posture is symmetrical and the body is relaxed. Practicing this mudra in Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose) is designed to release hopelessness, mistrust and self-doubt. It is a mudra often practiced during meditation and pranayama practice.

Elements: All.

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