Prithvi Mudra

Mudra Monday: Prithvi Mudra


A Sanskrit term, prithvi means "the vast one" and is also the Sanskrit name for Earth

Prithvi Mudra works to increase the Earth element within the practitioner, which strengthens and heals the physical body. It also reduces Agni (i.e. the Fire element), which means that it is particularly suitable for anyone with a Pitta-dominant Dosha.

In this mudra, the tips of the ring fingers are pressed to the tips of the thumbs on each hand, while the other fingers are kept straight.When used as part of our spiritual practice, the prithvi mudra is thought to influence the muladhara (root) chakra, which governs our sense of stability, rootedness and security. This chakra is also associated with our natural instincts and primal nature. It is recommended to practice this mudra in a quiet setting while meditating and focusing on the breath.

Elements: Earth.

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