Kali Mudra

Mudra Monday: Kali Mudra



This week's mudra is named after my favourite Hindu goddess Kali, the destroyer of evil forces



Kali is a fierce goddess who represents death, destruction and transformation, ultimately leading to purification. She is known for destroying that which is dark and evil in order to make space for all that is light and good. As we move towards a new year, you may be looking to make some positive changes in your own life, rid yourself of some unnecessary baggage, or to find a little more ‘fierce goddess’ energy within yourself so Kali is certainly the deity to invoke.

This Mudra also aids in activating energy in the upper chakras and is used to break through our negative thought patterns. My personal preference is to practice this Mudra during standing side bends as it also helps to physically emphasise moving upwards and lifting out of our pelvis, rather than just dumping all our weight to one side.

To practice this Mudra the middle, ring and little fingers are tightly linked and the index fingers should point directly and purposefully towards the sky. The left thumb is crossed over the right thumb to represent a feminine quality with the left-hand side of the body traditionally being thought to be dominated more by female energy.

Elements: All.

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Illustration © estudio mosa 2017