Friday Flow: Soma Namaskar

This month I'm embarking on a new project, which probably won't become a weekly segment on the blog (it simply takes too long to draw all these postures!), but might become a monthly occurrence. The best way to be in the know when new blogposts are published is by following my Facebook page and/or Instagram feed. In this Friday Flow series I'll share some of my favourite sequences that I'm currently teaching in my public classes. You can practice them in your own time or even print them out so you can take your practice with you wherever you go. Each flow is designed as a 75-90 mins class so move through these postures with controlled precision and be mindful of how your body feels throughout.

I will be sharing these as an illustrated series, rather than instructional videos, as I would like to encourage you to 'feel' your way into good alignment, which I believe means something different for every body. With instructional videos and photos there is often a subconscious tendency to want to 'copy' the teacher, whereas illustrations leave a bit more room for our imagination to fill in the blanks and for you to explore how each pose works best within your body. For that same reason I am purposefully keeping my instructions as minimal as I can, but you can of course Google the asanas by name should you require further explanation (try to avoid using Google Images). On that same note, I tend to refer to asanas by their Sanskrit name as opposed to the English translation wherever possible as this is considered best practice.

This first sequence that I'm sharing here is inspired by Soma Namaskar as it was taught to me by my teacher and the creator of Prana Yoga, Shiva Rea. It forms part of her wider ideas surrounding Soma Prana Vinyasa and the art of Lunar Namaskar, which really means that it's a perfect sequence to practice around a full moon or when we want to cultivate a more grounding, calming energy through yoga. The word 'Soma' is often translated from Sanskrit as our inner nectar of longevity, but is also the literal name for the 'Soma' ceremonial elixir used in ancient Vedic ceremonies. It gives name to the mysterious alchemy of the bodily hormones that help us to regenerate and find equilibrium.

If you're looking for some music to accompany this practice I would suggest my YOGA: slow playlist on Spotify and be sure to tag me if you give this flow a try.

Happy yogaing,

Oceana x

Illustrations © estudio mosa 2018